Little Foot Sandals are minimalist sandals made from paracord laces and sole rubber. The lace color is yours to choose, and the soles are cut to your footprint exactly. They are fully adjustable, durable, waterproof, and are well suited for hiking and even long distance running. 100% of the profit goes to Mei/Co. and its dancers.

Price is $40 per pair. (plus shipping if needed)

To order a pair of Little Foot Sandals, trace your footprint as shown in the video below and send it to us in the mail. Please include the color you would like for the laces. Brown and white are the two most popular, but all the options can be found here.

Matthew Belisle
3516 Falston Grn
Bryan, TX 77808

Once we recieve your footprint, it will take a week or two to make your sandals and then you can come to our place and we'll do the final adjustments to fit your foot exactly. You can pay in cash at pickup time.