From the Fall of 2016- Spring of 2017, I had the privilege of working with Meggie Belisle & what has now become Mei/Co. Dance Company. Meggie’s work is special for so many reasons. It is personal, intimate, & poetic movement with a true underlying sense of spirituality. The inspiration behind much of her work stem's from the stories of others- a friend, family member, or even just an encounter Meggie has experienced with another human being. Meggie approaches these stories with such sensitivity & strength. As a dancer, one is able to learn about the people behind these stories- their feelings, message, & sense of hope for the world. At the end of the choreographic process, as dancers, we truly feel as if we know the person whose story we are expressing through movement, even though we have never truly met in person. This is the unique, specific, & beautiful quality Meggie & Mei/Co. bring to all of their work. The work is not just dance or movement. It is much more. It is a true form of healing & strength not only for the person whose story Meggie is blessed to share, but also for each dancer who works with her. It is an experience I am so honored to have been a part of.

Katrina Muffley
Dancer at BARE Dance
New York, NY

Meggie’s work is as real as it gets. Using stories from her life and the life of others and conveying them through not only dance but also vocal recordings and accompanying props, the human heart takes a journey and joins the story. The audience is left knowing more and understanding more with the fragrance of hope that seeps through the cracks of our broken lives. In a world where chaos ensues, Mei/Co. Dance embraces reality and offers a perspective towards the chaos that soothes the soul.

Cheryl Cutlip
Founding Director of Project Dance
Boone, NC

I met Meggie and her husband on a medical mission trip to Guatemala. In watching them interact as a couple, and as they cared and served the Guatemalan people, I was reminded of the love that I shared with my wife of 43 years.

Through a conversation on the trip, Meggie learned of my wife’s passing 9 months earlier from Brain Cancer. A few months after the mission trip, Meggie called to check on me. She asked if I would allow her to translate into dance our marriage and her illness.

I was honored when she asked and was not sure of the process. She said she would later call me of which she did and we spoke for over an hour. She listened as I spoke and cried. I told her of when we met, about our life together and about how our lives changed after the fatal diagnosis. This was the first of several calls. She listened, asked questions, and in all this Meggie found inspiration to choregraph a dance of our lives together. Little did I know, as I was remembering all these things that made us who we were as a couple, that Meggie was helping me mourn the loss of my wife.

I was moved emotionally after I saw the performance. She not only captured the events that made up our lives together, but she was able to capture the emotion and love that existed within our relationship. Her interpretation of our lives together helped me not to drown my wife in my tears and allowed me to move on with my life as she asked me to before she died. To me, Meggie is an angel that was sent by God to help me to move beyond my tears, while keeping my wife always in my heart.

Bill Scarmardo
Owner of W.C. Scarmardo Architects
Bryan, TX

Meggie joined our KDA faculty in 2015 as a modern and contemporary teacher. Meggie quickly became a valued member of our studio. Her work with our students was amazing and challenging which brought our students to the next level.

During her second season with KDA she started our Pre-Professional program. Which gave students, who made it through the audition process, an opportunity to work towards their professional dance goals. They had video conferences with many working professionals, worked on their resumes and headshots. They also learned choreography and danced along side professionals in class and in a professional show. Our dancers gained so much from working with her.

Meggie’s choreography is fresh, innovative and always a blessing. She choreographed for our recital classes, competitive team, soloists, duets and our Pre-Professional group.

Meggie is a beautiful, kind and endearing person with a tremendous passion for teaching and passing on her true love of dance.

Kerry Teator
Owner/Director of Kerry’s Dance Academy
Poughkeepsie, NY