Our Mission

Mei/Co. Dance exists to listen. We value people and their stories. We recognize that life is a mixture of joy and pain. Our hope is to be a platform for individuals to share their journey- to paint pictures of life, of joy, of pain, of the beautiful, and of the ugly. We desire to honor those who are enduring or have endured cancer by telling their stories through dance. It takes courage to share, so we want to listen. Our mission is to honestly translate each story into a moving image to help individuals process their experiences, find healing, and embrace hope - while creating a legacy from which others may encounter that same hope and healing. Wherever the journey leads, we want to walk alongside those who have been touched by this terrible disease. We desire to shift the focus from death to life, from suffering to significance, and to color each experience of pain and loss with truth and hope - all while validating the journey that is at hand.

We come to listen. We promise to honor. We hope to heal. And we offer ourselves simply as storytellers.